• 2018 – Obtaining ISO 9001 : 2015 certification for the laboratory and the agency
  • 2015 – ISO 17025 Accreditation Procedure in Progress

  • 2014 – Creation of a marketing pole

  • 2013 – Obtaining ISO 9001 certification for the laboratory

  • 2012 – Obtaining ISO 9001 certification for the agency

  • 2012 – Creation of the EXPERTOX laboratory in Paris 11eme (75011), specialized in the quality control of raw materials and products.

  • 2010 – Creation of EXPERTOX by Dr. PIRNAY, toxicology consultancy for studies and certifications in Paris 11eme (75011).

Dr. Stephane PIRNAY: President of the agency and toxicology expert lab EXPERTOX

He is also a PhD in Pharmacy, a PhD in Toxicology, an expert in Toxicology. He is a member of EUROTOX, head of teaching at the Faculty of Pharmacy Paris V, expert Member of working groups at the European Commission and expert at the Court of Appeal of Paris. By creating EXPERTOX,

Dr. Stephane Pirnay started from the following observation:

  • Cosmetics will see its regulation strengthen notably at the level of cosmetics in 2013, this regulatory reinforcement involves adaptations and numerous updates of scientific research,
  • The concern of industrialists and, as a result, their demands in this area tend to increase,

  • Proof of the safety of the products and their effectiveness by carrying out tests are essential for their placing on the market and their purchase by the consumer,
  • These information need to be gathered in a data base,
  • Today there are no comprehensive and specialized tools to facilitate and make reliable file management such as expert reports,

The name chosen is « EXPERTOX », it brings together the firm and the laboratory. The software is called « EXPERTOX Organizer® » and is used to organize, manage client files (customer name, assignment of files, quote number, expiration date …). It is accompanied by the « Certificat Creator® » software, which is divided into three parts: a toxicological database containing more than 17400 substances, an expert report generator and a text-based management system that makes it possible to adapt ‘together.