• Regulatory monitoring : Thanks to a last generation software, be notified when your formula contains a prohibited substance or in the on the edge.
  • Accompaniment in all regulatory procedures (Organizational strategy for the tests to conduct, report on the missing documents)

Organisation of cosmetic training courses in order to catch up with the regulatory proceedings according to the European regulation 1223/2009

       * Product information file

       * Product safety report

       * Responsible person’s obligations

       * Cosmetics vigilance and ensurance of the compliance with GMP

       * Product notifications and nanomaterial ingredients

       * Annex update

       * etc.


For cosmetics : tests which need to be made by the provider :

       * Microbiology

       * Analytics

       * Toxicology


Introduction to toxicology :

       * Key concepts of toxicology

       * Toxicity reference values

       * Tests in the toxicological field


Interaction content/container

       * Substances

       * Potential migrants

       * Migration study

Cosmetic products stability :

       * Definition and regulatory context reminder

       * Stability/Compatibility

       * Interaction Container/Content

       * Establishment of the minimal durability date

       * Establishment of the PAO


Microbiological analysis in cosmetics :

       * Regulatory context reminder

       * DGT (Diffusive Gradient in Thin film)

       * Challenge test

       * Microbiological prediction

       * Following the applicable directives ISO


Contaminants analysis and quality control for cosmetics

       * Regulatory context reminder

       * Phthalates

       * Parabens

       * UV filters

       * Bisphenols, SVHC

       * Heavy metals

  • Consulting world regulation
  • Accompaniment in export to China, to Israel, …
  • Market research in health and bio-technology (cosmetics, food industry,…)
  • Support for claim definition
  • Support for cost optimization (seeking suppliers, alternatives costs, …)
  • Formulation consulting
  • Formula Optimization
  • Formula update according to the current regulation