Are you a company that places products on the market, an importer, a packager or a distributor?

In order to successfully launch your products and allow them to be marketed (in the EU or elsewhere in the world), you are obliged to have a certain number of studies and tests carried out to evaluate toxicological risks.

EXPERTOX agency allows the realization of expertises and evaluations or toxicological and ecotoxicological studies of your raw materials and finished products of large consumption.

We are involved at every stage of your project, from its creation to its marketing, including regulatory monitoring, thanks to a complete range of services.

EXPERTOX agency services

Training courses

EXPERTOX ensures the training of your teams regarding the latest standards and regulations for your products.

Toxicological and regulatory file

More than just a service provider for your studies, we help you to create your regulatory and toxicological files.

Inspection support

Whether at the beginning of your project or once your product is on the market, inspections are common. EXPERTOX allows you to pass them with confidence.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Audit

There is always a way to improve your manufacturing capabilities to reach regulatory standards while controlling your costs and being in compliance with GMPs.

Notifications to the authorities and regulatory monitoring

EXPERTOX agency is in charge to keep you informed of the regulatory news of your sector on a regular basis, to ensure that you remain within the standards.

Safety assessment of raw materials, finished products and packaging

Choose only one provider for all your needs and products. We provide a wide range of expertise and certificates.


Analyses to improve the understanding of the behaviour and effects of “pollutants” on the environment are performed at EXPERTOX agency.

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Services provided by


EXPERTOX agency is certified according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

Validation of a formula (calculation of the safety margin)

Development of Safety Assessments

  • Cosmetics (parts A & B or part B only)
  • Perfumery
  • Food supplements
  • Medical devices
  • Biocides
  • Toys: toxicology of components
  • Chemical products – REACH
  • ASEAN, Japan, Korea, Middle East, Switzerland, etc.

Regulatory monitoring

Management of toxicological, bacteriological and analytical tests

  • Patch test, determination of heavy metals, solvents and residual VOCs, ocular cytotoxicity, phototoxicity…

Review of labelling

Review of bibliographic synthesis

Summary Safety Assessment

Notification (in Europe and outside Europe)

Submission of biocide MA

Elaboration of the food supplement file

Registration of raw materials according to REACH

CE marking

Sustainable development certification

Notification of nanomaterials

Batch control

  • Raw material control (supplier, batch number, traceability)
  • In-process control parameters deviations: follow-up and corrective and preventive actions, implementation of claims and post-marketing monitoring

Realization of Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Discover our different areas of expertise

EXPERTOX Consulting

EXPERTOX agency is also a formulation and marketing studies office. It is a precious help for your technological or regulatory supervision and a full consulting offer for all your needs.

World regulations
Exporting to China, Israel, etc.

Support and follow-up
Definition of claims, cost optimization, updating of the formula, etc.

Market studies
Cosmetics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, etc.

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