EXPERTOX Laboratory

Certify cosmetics and agri-food products, médical devices and substances or chemical preparations: Here is one of the specialties of the EXPERTOX analysis and formulation laboratory.

We perform trace, impurity and content/container interaction testing, but also audits of your claim. In short, EXPERTOX laboratory is your privileged partner for the analysis of your products and raw materials.

EXPERTOX Laboratory services

Various techniques and methods are used in our analysis laboratory. To guarantee you the best results and be able to determine all types of compounds, our team is composed of R & D engineers, also qualified to carry out studies or research work.

The EXPERTOX analysis and formulation laboratory is certified ISO 9001, in order to guarantee the quality of our results.

Custom formulation

To have personalized cosmetic products, unique and adapted to each of your projects: here is what the EXPERTOX laboratory offers you.

Physico-chemical measurements

Physico-chemical analyses and measurements that will be useful for industry players and your research and development needs.

Stability and compatibility tests

To determine and verify the shelf life of a product or to ensure that it will not degrade in contact with its environment, its packaging.

Quality control of packaging

Each packaging can involve security risks or content/container transfer risks. Our analysis laboratory will check everything!

Analytical assays

Impurities, active ingredients, preservatives, solvents… We measure the presence of many elements in your products or analyze the purity of your raw materials.

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Examples of tests performed


  • Complete and simplified content-content interaction (packaging study)
  • Compatibility and stability test
  • PAO/Best Before Date
  • Measurement of viscosity
  • Measurement of water activity (Aw)
  • physico-chemical measurement (pH,…)
  • Assays of :
    – Bisphenols
    – Phtalates
    – Nitrosamines
    – Cannabinoids
    – VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)
    – Formaldehyde
    – Paraben + phenoxyethanol
    – Heavy metals
    – Nanomaterials
    – Food allergens (gluten, egg, peanut..)
    – Cosmetic and perfumery allergens
    – Nicotine
    – Acrylamide
    – Bleaching agents
    – PAH
    – Dyes
    – Preservatives
    – Nitrous and polycyclic musks
    – Pesticides
    – Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) indicators
    – Isothiazolines
    – Free aldehyde
    – 1,4-Dioxane
    – UV filters
    – Solvents


  •    Challenge Test (CT) ISO 11930 and according the European pharmacy
  • Screening of preservatives
  • General screening (GC/MS)
  • Screening Challenge Test
  • Formula analysis/CT modeling
  • Quality control flow cytometry
  • Pasteurian 72 of total germs according to ISO 21149 and ISO 16212
  • Specific research of 4 strains
  • Total Germ Count (TGC)


  • Eye irritation
  • Skin irritation
  • Skin corrosion (OCDE 431)
  • Skin absorption (OCDE 428)
  • Photo Patch Test
  • Final Clinical Safety Test – Photo Toxicity (TCFS-PT)
  • HRIPT / Final Clinical Safety Test (FCST)
  • 3T3 NRU DL 50 (OCDE 487)
  • In vitro phototoxicity 3T3 NRO (OECD 432)
  • Micro Core Test (OECD 487)
  • Ames test
  • Sensibility test (DPRA and MUSST)
  • HET-CAM test
  • Photoallergy test
  • sensitivity test

Hair analysis

Analysis and detection of contaminants in the hair

Claim validation(s)

  • Use test
  • Non-comedogenic test
  • Hydratation test
  • Sensitization test
  • Efficiency test


  • Determination of the raw in vitro UVA FP
  • Determination of SPF in vitro
  • Pack screening protection UV in vitro (SPF + UVA PF + raw Ic)
  • Determination of the critical wavelength
  • Study of the photo stability of a solar product
  • FPS ISO 24444
  • Solar UVA method JCIA


  • Counterfeit
  • Packaging Info Sheet

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