In January 2016, Dr Stephane Pirnay, Legal expert of the Court of Appeal of Paris and president of EXPERTOX, was chosen to be the chief co-editor of the new magazine made by judicial experts of Chemistry.

Chimie & Compagnies is a biannual magazine written for different actors in the field of judicial expertise (magistrates, lawyers, judicial experts, insurers, technicians, …) and which aims at dealing with juridical, regulatory and normative matters (in the section called “Justice and Regulation”) but also with technical and scientific aspects related to the sector of Chemistry (in the section called “Sciences et Skills/techniques).

This new educational appointment will allow you to grasp the field of Chemistry, a science at the junction of multiple disciplines and supports judicial expertise.

Therefore, Dr Stephane Pirnay, Alexandre Fleurentin and Jean Pédelaborde, by creating this magazine, wished to add a technical and juridical magazine written by chemists to help experts in their multisectoral analysis.

This new magazine will also help you to know the CNEJC, the national company of judicial experts of Chemistry and all its members. You will be informed of all the important upcoming meetings of our respective field

Also, if you are interested in editing an article of yours in the future, please contact Dr Stephane Pirnay through the icon “Contact Us”.